Music with Mummy Torbay’s First Blog Post

OK. So, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New year, 2018, and a new website for us in Torbay. And because it’s the start of something new, I thought that New Year’s Day 2018 would be a good day to try a blog post.

Going to be honest, I have no idea what BLOG even stands for, can anyone help me out? And I’m not sure I’ve got anything interesting to say anyway, you can be the judge of that! But going to give it a go! (Not that I’ve told Jenny yet… Jenny, are you up for writing a blog post for Music with Mummy Torquay every now and again? I’m sure she will, she has lots more fun things happening in her life with her lovely children!)

I hope you’ve all had a fab Christmas, the first Christmas for many of you with your young babies, and for others, you’ll be well practiced in the art of the Father Christmas routine of leaving out mince pies and sherry/beer/milk for Santa and of course, a carrot for Rudolph! It’s always Rudolph that gets the carrots isn’t it! What about all the other reindeers??

So, for us at home we may no longer put out mince pies and carrots on Christmas Eve, but we do still do stockings for my boys, and now for my son Chris’ girlfriend Jess. Nick, Chris and Jess all got a small bag of goodies from Father Christmas, which still included similar things as it did when they were younger. Chris got Lego, Nick got a Hot Wheels car, Jess got some smelly things and nail art (so nice buying for a girl for a change!) so even though they may all be grown up, I don’t think I will ever stop buying silly little things for them, on behalf of Father Christmas of course!

I have really enjoyed Christmas but it’s time to get my head into getting ready for term starting Monday 8th January 2018!!!! And I better call Jenny and see if she’s up for blogging next week!!

Lots of love and look forward to seeing you all again very soon

Carol x x

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