New term begins, everything is ready, except for me packing the car!

(Today’s Author is Carol from MWM Paignton)

Sunday afternoon, Mark and my son Nick are watching West Ham on the TV (lifelong supporters) and I’m sat plucking up the energy to go and pack my car ready for tomorrow’s start to the term.  But the wind is so horrible out there I don’t want to move away from the radiator I’m sat next to!  But at some point I’m going to have to put my coat on and pack the car for the morning.

As you can see from the picture, I have another enormous amount of things to bring and there will be a few random items coming out this term for our new theme of Light – I will explain at class what the Bumble Bees are all about!

So this week has mainly seen me taking down the Xmas decorations, getting the tree out of the house, hoovering up pine needles, finishing the mince pies and pate, refilling the fridge and cupboards of hopefully more healthy food than we’ve been stuffing our faces with the last two weeks, and of course, preparing for class.

I always get nervous at the start of a new term, even after more than 10 years of doing this, but I am excited for this theme in Music with Mummy as I know you’re all going to love it.  And in Jolly Babies, of course, we will have a new dance to learn, hurrah!  And this term it’s my all time favourite – for those who have been coming to music for a long time now, it’s the fast one with the Do-Si-Do! Such fun!

So, I’m hoping the wind dies down in a while so I can get the car sorted, and Reg the Bear and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!


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