Time Off For Good Behaviour

(Today’s Author is Jenny from MWM Torquay)

Evening all. It’s Jenny here again, I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

A visit from my brother and his partner this weekend has left me a bit inspired to write this week’s blog which I’m affectionately referring to as ‘Time off for good behaviour’. And the time off, to which I refer, is in fact from the full time, round the clock, highly challenging, highly rewarding and yet poorly paid job of ‘Mummying’!

The thing is, before I had my children my ‘real job’ as a primary school teacher consumed what felt like all my waking hours. What I wasn’t aware of (in my happy ignorance) was how many more hours there are in a day when you have your own children. Gone are the lazy start weekends. Bruch has long become a thing of the past. When you’re up at 5am, had your breakfast at 6.30am and quite frankly are ready for lunch at 11am, why would you need brunch? I hate people who brunch! It represents all that I have lost!

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a Mum. My children bring absolute joy to my life. I wasn’t prepared for how much I could love somebody – or 2 people in my case. They’re so funny, so loving, so completely original but I’m only human and at times they drive me completely insane!

The start of school in September for my eldest has nearly broken me. Each and every morning we enter into this bizarre dance / confrontation over getting dressed. I manipulate, cajole, threaten, bribe her and ultimately – to my absolute horror- end up screaming like a banshee in order that we aren’t a) Ridiculously late and have to go through the scary receptionist or b) Not dressed. I mean people really judge you for arriving at the school gates with a child in only her pants, vest and school shoes.

Anyway this weekend saw the arrival of my brother and his partner for a late pretend Christmas. They booked a fancy restaurant and treated us to an amazing lunch. There was delicious food, lots and lots of wine and most important of all time to be an adult. Thanks to the amazing babysitting offer from my in-laws I actually made it out with my mum. Now I see my mum almost every day and we’re really close but we hardly ever get the chance to spend any actual time together alone. She loves my children as much as I do but it was a real treat to have a conversation from start to finish without interruption.

The best things about this precious time away from my babies were:
1. Ordering what I wanted from the menu instead of what I knew they would share with me.
2. Eating at my own pace.
3. Drinking – obviously!
4. Adult conversation. No jokes to explain or censoring of swearing.
5. Using the hand dryer in the toilets. Yes I know this is pathetic but my kids hate the noise so for 5 years I’ve left the toilets with wet hands. Dry hands = joy! And hand cream!

Best of all was that I was really pleased to see them when we got home. I felt lighter, more playful and more patient. They’d had a great time too thanks to the legends that are Nana Jan and Grandad Pete.

So I’m finishing today’s blog with a big shout out to all the grandparents, friends, neighbours etc who maybe give us an hour off once in a while. Time to yourself is the greatest gift of all and I’m sure makes you a better parent.

Jenny x x x



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