Snow Heroes

(Today’s Author is Carol from MWM Paignton)

So, this week has been chilly,
I think that you’ll agree,
And for the first time in years
The white-stuff we did see.

The weathermen forecast the #Beast
But I didn’t really believe
That Torbay truly would in fact
Be plunged in a deep freeze!

But warnings they were issued,
Yellow, Amber, and then Red,
And then by Thursday lunchtime
It was just like they had said.

Our schools and colleges all closed,
The children all stayed home.
The snow looked oh so pretty,
From the chair in my front room.

I was sat all cosy by the fire,
My coffee cup in hand,
As I looked out of the window
At the snow-blanketed land.

Then I thought of all the people
Who live life on the street.
I just cannot imagine
How freezing were their feet…

And then thought of the people
Who help the vulnerable too.
They couldn’t all just go back home
And just stop what they do.

Volunteers who help the homeless,
The lonely, those in need,
I think they are real heroes,
‘Specially at times like these.

It humbles me the care they show,
The time they freely give
To those who feel invisible
But who they help to live.

There for the Grace of God go I,
I’m lucky in my lot,
But I am aware it may not be
Forever, maybe not.

It might be one day you or I
May be the one in need,
And then I hope that also then
Someone will care for me.

So thank you to those people
Who were out there in the cold
Giving shelter, warmth and kindness
To people young and old.

More shout outs also to the Police,
And to the Ambulance staff too,
The Firefighters and the Highways teams;
The snow never stops you!

There’s been kind folks in 4 x 4’s
Towing strangers out of drifts,
And some gave rooms to nurses
So that they could get to shifts.

But the #Beast did stop the bin men,
My rubbish is still here.
On Thursday morn I put it out
But the lorries were nowhere near.

I’m only teasing, refuse guys,
You work in rain or shine,
And a ten tonne truck down Broadsands Road
On ice might not go fine!

The snow has been amazing,
SELRES_16464059-13c9-449d-8469-229ea98425d3SELRES_f1ac46e2-396e-496b-bc7d-a5a7e1314e5bQuite SELRES_f1ac46e2-396e-496b-bc7d-a5a7e1314e5bSELRES_16464059-13c9-449d-8469-229ea98425d3an unexpected day.
Days off school are fun with mums
And dads at home to play.

And now the snow has disappeared,
The road chaos has gone,
Life’s almost back to normal,
And the sun has even shone!

#BeastFromTheEast has had its fun,
#StormEmma caused much fuss.
But Spring must surely now be soon
Making its way to us.

So spare a thought for those that worked
Or helped out in the snow.
They really should give you guys capes,
Each one is a Hero x

Penned by Carol Holbrow

March 2018 


Sledging in the Snow!



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