Mum’s the Word

(Today’s Author is Jenny from MWM Torquay)

With a franchise named ‘Music with Mummy’, how could this week’s blog be about anything other than Mother’s Day? Whether this is your first, fifth or eightieth Mothering Sunday, I hope you’ve had a lovely day and celebrated all that it is to be a ‘Mum’. So on that note I’ve been thinking this week about all that I’ve learnt in my five years of being a Mummy. These are my findings:

  1. I’m massively protective of my babies. Someone I know once described herself, on becoming a mother, as a tigress defending her cubs. I think that about sums it up. This week you probably heard my scream as I chased off an enormous seagull, intent on stealing Edward’s biscuit from his hand. I genuinely had a split second search for a weapon to kill it should the need arise!
  2. There’s no such thing as a holiday. It’s completely the same life just in a different place. There’s no lie in or cocktail hour but there is a change of scene and isn’t there a saying, “A change is as good as a rest?” Whoever said that was clearly not a parent of young children!
  3. I talk way too much about poo! I google funny-coloured poo, I text my husband/mum/anybody about how long a child can hold onto a poo. I do a little dance when a poo appears.
  4. I have learnt the art of going from sound asleep having a great dream (OK so maybe this week I was dreaming about catching a bus to buy some Christmas crackers but you get the idea) to awake in 0.03 seconds. My children calling or crying is better than any alarm I know. Although my eyes do not always open unit I’ve reached them and I frequently crash into the wall. Still, 0.03 seconds is a fine average!
  5. I rely on social media to keep me in touch with the world and most importantly to other parents muddling through. I have literally cried laughing at The Unmumsy Mum, Hurrah for Gin, Man vs Baby and Peter and Jane and all their followers. These people share the truth of what parenting really is and I think it’s so important.
  6. I hate Postman Pat. There are no words to describe his ineptness.
  7. You never stop being a mum. Although this is a little frightening when they let you leave the hospital with a tiny human being and no idea what you’re doing. It’s forever!!! Well I say thank goodness for that because my own mum is a truly amazing person and I don’t know what I’d have done without her- basically all my life- but especially since I had my own children.Mums
  8. The best gift you can give me is freedom! I love my children but I really love personal space too and, as you know, the two can’t coexist. So whether it’s 10 minutes for a shower on my own or two hours for a pub lunch with my husband time really is the best gift.
  9. There’s literally nothing that can’t be cleaned with a wetwipe.
  10. Finally I’ve learnt that I can often be filled with self-doubt. Am I doing the best for my children? Am I getting this right? Before I had Isabelle I read something that said “A child only needs to know 2 things. That it is loved and it is safe.” I’ve pretty much followed that guidance and so far it’s going OK. I also think it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes being the best parent means looking after yourself. So on Friday night (when my husband text to say he wouldn’t be home for the weekend until 9pm) I let the kids eat pizza in front of a film and I had a large glass of wine!

So Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

You’re doing an amazing job!

Jenny x x x

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