Music with ‘Not Mummy’

(Today’s Author is Jenny from MWM Torquay)

So it’s Saturday night and I ask my husband if he’s got any bright ideas about what could be the topic of this week’s blog. He suggests that I could write about ‘Dads’. “You know, you could talk about the challenge of me being in and out of the kid’s lives.” (He’s in the RAF not prison in case you were wondering). “Or, you know, how I don’t have any patience with the kids. That’s funny.” No it’s really not. However he had yet one more gem of an idea, “Maybe you could talk about my awesome football skills?” I’m presuming he doesn’t mean that time at the park when he was showing off for the kids, missed the ball and slipped spectacularly on his arse in the mud. Now that was awesome!

So it became clear that what he was suggesting was perhaps not so much a blog about Dads in general as specifically about him. Honestly I’m not sure he’d really thought this through and would like me to share my thoughts with you all! However, I think he may have been on to something with the whole ‘Dad’ or other carer thing.

I love the Music with Mummy franchise. No surprises there of course. I took my own children to Carol’s wonderful sessions in Marldon before becoming a class leader myself. And I’m not the only one. The franchise has just celebrated it’s 25th birthday and, with groups running successfully in all corners of the country, we’re clearly doing something right. My one little niggle?? The whole Music with Mummy part. Music with Mummy/ Daddy/ Nanny/ Gran/ Granny/ Grandma/ Auntie/ Childminder/ Stepmum/ Sister would be about accurate for my classes but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue so well does it?

It’s great that so many family members are able to ignore the ‘Mummy’ and are willing and able to come along to sessions. I love watching your pride and enjoyment when the little one’s surprise us all and grow in confidence week after week. Amongst my army of ‘non-mummies’ I have a lovely Granny who has relocated from Scotland to help look after her grandchildren for a year. Now that’s commitment. Although I know she was somewhat disgruntled recently with the whole weather situation after being promised, “It never snows in Torquay!”

I was also extremely jealous a few weeks ago when a couple of the dads teamed up to bring all their children so their wives could enjoy an adult brunch! Actual hot coffee and eating food with two hands? This is the stuff of dreams surely? I won’t lie I did happen to ‘mention’ this event to my own husband and won myself a guilt bunch of flowers! I know we’re all supposed to be co-parenting and I’m a massive believer that Dad’s don’t babysit their own children. However, the reality for a lot of us is that the Mums are still responsible for the larger proportion of the childcare and so I was happy to help be a part of those Mums ‘day release’!

So this week I’d like to extend a massive thank you to all the ‘non-mummies’ who come along each week. You might be using our sessions as quality time together, you might be providing a few hours peace for a busy Mummy who always puts herself last, or you might be providing hours of childcare a week in which case I hope I’m helping you have a more relaxing hour while I sing and dance and generally keep little hands and minds busy. All are welcome at Music with Mummy and my huge team of awesome Mums are also more than welcome to bring additional family if you’d like them to share in the fun of the sessions. I love watching my children enjoying themselves but I love to share that with my family too!

Russ and the children
Daddy – Despite his lack of patience, actually we love him, and will be keeping him on!

Jenny x x x

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