Spur of the moment!

(Today’s Author is Jenny from MWM Torquay)

Last weekend my husband and I did something we haven’t done since before we had children!

It’s probably not what you’re thinking…… in fact, we were SPONTANEOUS.

Now, as any self respecting parent of a baby or young child knows, you may not leave your house at any time without enough paraphernalia to stock Mothercare for a month. And even then you will definitely have forgotten something. This will inevitably be something for yourself. Most common are your coat, phone and wallet. Your baby will be wrapped up ready for an arctic trek, snacking on rice cakes and generally enjoying life while you’re freezing to death having a little cry that you can’t even buy a coffee. But that’s what happens when suddenly you’re not the most important person in your life anymore.

Spur of the moment - packing the car
Packing the car!

Personally, baby packing fed my dirty little secret. I love organisation! The more pockets a bag has the better, I’ll find a purpose for them all. I’m sure my husband loves guessing where I’ve carefully stashed everything. I mean who doesn’t love emptying his wife’s ‘emergency sanitary ware’ all over the floor in the quest for a nappy bag? Also he asked me the other day why I had a nappy tucked into the back seat of our car. Obviously it was the ‘I’ve forgotten the change bag’ emergency nappy. Fool. Does he know nothing?

However, despite my continuing to refer to my youngest as ‘Baby Edward’ I’ve had to come to recognise that there are no actual babies in my house anymore. He’s three. And it turns out that this means I no longer need to pack the kitchen sink to leave the house. I don’t even take the pushchair everywhere anymore! (I know I’m wild and crazy) This takes some getting used to though after 5 years of walking at a slight lean I feel like I’ve had to teach myself to walk alone again.

So anyway, having realised that we might actually be a bit more flexible with our plans these days last week we made our first spontaneous decision in years. We went to stay with my in laws in a caravan in Looe. I know. Crazzzzzzy!!!! Almost the same as my best friend who took her two young children travelling around India for 6 weeks last summer! The point being though that my husband called me at 12 to say his Mum had suggested this plan and within 2 hours we were packed and there! 2 hours people!!! No last minute panic buying. No emergency this or just in case that. We just stuffed some clothes (and gin) in a bag and went. In fact these days the only thing we always have to take on any trip at all (apart from the kids) is Bunny, Isabelle’s much loved and probably diseased best friend.

caravan bed
Trying out the caravan bed with the beloved bunny

It’s funny but I hadn’t realised that I’d been missing the chance to just go somewhere on a whim. Since having the children I knew I’d been missing sleeping in on Sundays , going to the toilet by myself, brunch and generally just peace and quiet, but I think I’d forgotten all about the feeling of freedom you get from making a last minute decision. And as I know that lie ins, privacy and peace are many, many years away from returning I think this might be the way forward. This week a caravan in Looe, next year the world! Or possibly just camping somewhere else in the UK! We came back feeling refreshed from just 24 hours away – although of course the washing looked more like a week’s worth.

Wishing you all happy adventures this summer.

Jenny x x

Isabelle and Edward
Our 24 hour holiday in Looe

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