When all else fails…

(Today’s Author is Carol from MWM Paignton)

So, it’s Sunday again and it’s time for a blog,
But my brain has completely got lost in a fog!
All week I’ve been thinking of something to write,
But it’s Sunday already and not a word is in sight!

brain fog

I’ve had many thoughts about things in the news,
But they all seemed too gloomy and I wasn’t enthused.
I was looking for something that might make you smile,
Or something uplifting to read for a while.

But the media as always shares bad news most days,
And I find it’s too painful to listen always.
So I turned to the natural voice in my head
And have knocked out a poem for you guys instead!

notes in my head

My husband and kids do think I’m a loon,
Always singing or humming or tapping a tune.
But I’ve rhythm and rhyme in my soul, don’t you know,
And it’s hard to keep quiet so it’s best to let go!

I usually find that there’s always occasion
To add music to things – I need no persuasion.
At my keep fit class each week I do sing along,
Don’t think people mind, but I could well be wrong!

Happy kids

Shopping is boring so I often start humming,
And driving is perfect for steering wheel-drumming.
While making the dinner the radio sings,
And, of course, so do I, it’s just one of those things!

I know Jenny and Charlotte and Lou are the same,
It’s glued onto your DNA in this game.
We are Music with Mummy class teachers you see,
So life equals music and thus it will be.


So enough of my ramblings and Sunday night rhyme,
It’s the best I could do; I’ll try harder next time!
I’m now off to start cooking our Sunday night tea,
Will he sing for his supper? I doubt it, just me!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend all of you and enjoyed the aeroplanes and the sunshine x See you soon!

Carol x x x


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