Autumn brings many things…

Yes, so here we are, finally the new term begins, the new school year kicks off again, and mostly people are happy and ready to get back into a routine after a glorious summertime this year!

I love the change of the seasons, I think we all can’t help but be amazed by the beautiful colours that our landscape will soon be showing us; the richest reds and golds, brilliant bronzes and browns as the leaves change and fall and the trees have a bit of a rest till next year.  I love the chance to get cosy jumpers on, cuddly pyjamas by the fire, warm coats and scarves, no more worrying about shaving your legs every time you go out as we can hide them again under jeans and thick tights every day!

For many of you, your routine will have changed dramatically this September with the start of big school for your 4 year olds; running out the door with no time to spare, hoping you’ve remembered everything for your child, and hoping you haven’t passed any of your morning stress on to them in the process. Don’t worry, it’ll settle down and this new routine will soon become familiar.


Autumn brings change and the children will all have moved on in their development since we saw you all last. Tiny babies will not be tiny any more, they’ll be rolling and sitting up, and will have sprouted some teeth. They will have all have grown in height and stature, and little ones who were just pulling themselves up and walking round the furniture will no doubt be toddling and climbing everywhere now, and the stair gates are probably firmly in place around the house! Speech and language will have come on leaps and bounds with the 18 months upwards children with ‘No’ being a favourite word no doubt, both from them and you! The 3 year olds will constantly be asking ‘why?’ and want to know things you don’t know the answer to, and many of the 4 years olds who have just started school will look so grown up, yet so small again in their uniforms, with many a pensive tear shed by parents and children alike as they took their first step on this next section of childhood. Where on earth did the time go?

growing up

Our Autumn term this year also excitingly sees the start of our new sessions on Tuesdays in Brixham at The Spark Creative Studio with Charlotte, and we are thrilled to be finally bringing our classes into the town as we have been aware that it’s long overdue! So, spread the word with your friends that Tuesdays in Brixham is looking for new families to join the groups, especially Jolly Babies! The older session is full but there are spaces at the moment for babies aged 3 months up.

Another change this Autumn comes with a little sadness but also with huge congratulations to Jenny as she has successfully secured herself a new role and is returning to her first love of teaching in a local primary school. Jenny has worked tirelessly and with such enthusiasm setting up and running our classes in Torquay over the last 2 ½ years, and I know that she will be sorely missed by us and by many of you.


However, don’t panic, she’s not going just yet! She will still be continuing to run her Wednesday sessions with as much energy as normal up till Christmas, and our plan is for the Fridays at Babbacombe to start again with a new class leader after the half term break in time for the hugely fun and popular Christmas Term and then for the new class leader to continue with Wednesdays too in the New Year. So, watch this space!

christmas music

The world keeps on turning and time whizzes by, so what greater reminder to take every possible opportunity to just stop a while and really engage with your child as you enjoy your session of music together each week. Listen to them find their voices as they sing, watch them develop their rhythm during our percussion time, see them gain in confidence and independence as they learn a new routine, a new skill, and make new friends.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to your children for you to interact and have fun making music alongside them, and appreciate how much they can learn through our sessions with your support. I always say, YOU are your child’s FIRST, and MOST IMPORTANT educator, so be a good role model for them and join in with gusto and make music and singing something to enjoy together for the rest of your lives.

We are all looking forward to seeing you again and meeting lots of new families too. Thank you for making every day special and here’s to a new term!

With lots of love from all of us,

Carol, Jenny, Lou & Charlotte x x x x

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