Home is where the Heart is…

(Today’s Author is Charlotte from MWM Brixham)

The start of this term brings new beginnings with my group and at home. We have started the new term and our theme is Home. In my own home I’m focusing on what makes it home for all of us, after all we may be spending the winter months cooped up in it a lot more than we have become used to! I am attempting to parent in a different way, to be calmer, more empathic and to find the sunshine that I knew I had in there somewhere. I’m getting on ok with it so far, despite what would normally be some challenging circumstances. We’ve learnt to use music and dancing to get through meltdowns. We’ve turned tantrums on their heads with a homemade 80s disco in the living room, starting with You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive and winding down to The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Tight Fit. It is also helping the children and we are all enjoying our time together a lot more and getting along with each other better. I have to credit the book ‘Calm Parents, Happy Kids’ by Dr Laura Markham for this. It might not be for everyone, but it is helping me to find the parent I want to be.

Thomas and Lily

I have only found the time to research a bit more because my littlest one, now 2, has started (I’m about to jinx it) sleeping better so we’re starting to be able to think straight again. It is difficult to attempt anything new or have the patience needed to be calm when sleep deprivation rears its ugly head. They both started back at preschool this week so that gives me a bit more time to catch up with planning for the group and other jobs. (I did jinx it, as I write she has already woken up and it’s only 9:45pm…)

I had my first Music with Mummy session in Brixham this week and it was very lively, completely full and a great start to the term. It was great to see some familiar faces and welcome some new families to the group. There are spaces for more little ones in the Jolly Babies group next term so book a place now to avoid disappointment! Sessions are being held at the Spark Studio on Metherell Avenue on Tuesday mornings.

We have had a good summer and I have found that we can now enjoy the beach together and the garden is a safer place now that they can both confidently manage steps and enjoy their bikes and the swings and slide. I even took my oldest on an aeroplane for the first time, we flew to visit family for a weekend and we both enjoyed the adventure. Watching the people with babies going through security made me glad I’d been able to wait. I very much admire those of you who are confident enough to take little ones flying.


So, I am concentrating on how to make home a better place for the whole family, and I’m learning that we can find ways to enjoy ourselves even when the day looks set to be dictated by the ever changing moods of two pre-schoolers. I’m enjoying Home, the theme and the place and the people I share them both with are what really make it. The cooler weather and shorter days lie ahead but I’m armed with more strategies than I had this time last year and if all else fails, there’s always soft play.

Charlotte x x

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