Out with the old…

(Today’s Author is Charlotte from MWM South Hams)

In keeping with our Home theme for this term, I have been out buying carpet while my children are at preschool. My husband and I quickly realised that children and carpet shopping don’t mix and this was highlighted on our recent trip to Trago. My son panicked in the middle of the busy carpet section and thought he had lost us (we were standing next to him). He bolted shouting “Daddy!” at the top of his voice so I chased him calling his name but he couldn’t hear me because he was shouting. I eventually caught up with him a few yards up the aisle, although it felt like miles and the whole incident lasted about 30 seconds but felt like 30 minutes. We were both relieved to be reunited and had a chat about standing still if you think you might be lost, followed by some enforced hand holding for the rest of the trip. Under the scrutinising stare of all our fellow carpet shoppers we vowed to only shop for carpet without the children in the future.


So our tired old carpet, of unknown age and origin, will be replaced by some lovely remnants that I found much closer to home in Brixham in the end. The old carpet has seen a lot. It has been in the house since we moved in and I don’t know how long the previous occupants had it for but I’m prepared to bet their family life was at least as interesting as ours. When we looked around the house before we bought it, I loved it but also said that the first thing we need to do is replace the carpets. Almost 6 years and 2 children later the carpet is still here, but not for too much longer.

carpet 6

First, we said, we’ll decorate and then change the flooring. Then we found out we were having our first and said we’ll wait until …insert milestone here… and then change it. Then we had our second child (on the carpet…or at least a rug that was on the carpet…and not by choice, I’d imagined water, candles, soft music but got towels and blankets on the living room floor and Chuggington paused in the background instead. Treasured every moment though, obviously.) and we said once she’s potty trained we’ll do it. That time has come complete with applause and cheering and the long-awaited opportunity to choose what carpet we will have next!


I wonder what will happen during the life of our next carpet. It claims to be Stainfree but to my family that sounds like a challenge. It might well be stain free now but the moment it is installed in our house I can guarantee that it will be tested because family life is a messy business and our home is one of those that definitely looks lived in. An old dog and two children will put the new one through its paces.


So, during the next 10 years, they will both start primary school and move on to secondary school, they will change from toddlers to teenagers, we will probably get another dog, we will have celebrations and support each other through hard times, we will have sunshine and snow. When I think of everything our old carpet has been through, I might confess to being a little sad to see it go. Not sad enough to keep it though.

Charlotte x x x



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