One Brave Lady and a Pair of Clippers…

I’m taking the liberty of using this week’s blog spot to let you all know about the amazingly selfless thing that one of our Thursday morning mummies is doing next Sunday 28th October. Amanda is Braving the Shave and having her hair shaved off for charity. She is doing this to raise funds for vital research into Alzheimer’s as her dear Nan has been diagnosed and has recently had to move into a care home as she is no longer able to safely care for herself.

This is Amanda at music class. She is a full of life character, very kind, very caring, and a fabulous mummy to little Evie. And as you can see, Amanda has a lovely crop of magenta-coloured hair!

Amanda and Evie
Well, on Sunday 28th, it’s all coming off!

We chatted on Thursday a little bit about it, and someone in the class said she should have done it in the summer when it was warmer, but she said, ‘Ah but no, now I’ll have an excuse to wear a hat every day!’ Positive thinking, I like it!

So, Amanda’s Nan, here she is with Evie, not that long ago. She doesn’t look unwell, does she. But I know that Amanda and her family have been looking after her in her own home as best they can for quite a while now. Such a cruel disease.

Amanda's Nan
This is what Amanda told me:

“She’s (Nan) been diagnosed a year this November, after a long wait and a lot of denial, and recently gone into a residential facility. There is currently no proper treatment – the only treatment available is hit and miss and they don’t understand why it works for some, and she isn’t taking anything at all.”

I asked if Amanda had her grandad still:

“No my granddad died when I was 10 and don’t have either on the other side so she’s my last grandparent. Nan’s mum also had it and so does her sister, currently she’s in a care home in Exeter suffering with Parkinsons and Alzheimers.”

“They really don’t know enough about it – the drug seems to be more a case of it works for some people and not others, and the ones it does work for they don’t know why it works. Unfortunately for Nan it has some really severe side effects and it didn’t agree with her.”

I asked if they were happy with the care home she has gone to, as that’s even worse than choosing a school for your child I think.

“It’s early days yet, she’s only been there a week but seems nice so far. Seems like a nice place and nice people but you can never be too careful can you in care. She says she’s happier there because she isn’t frightened all the time but she hasn’t quite worked out that she’s not going home yet.”

I wasn’t sure what the difference is between Alzheimer’s and Dementia, so I looked it up, and the Alzheimer’s Society website explains it quite straightforwardly here:

But the line that stayed with me was this one. “There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, treatments may temporarily ease some symptoms or slow down their progression in some people.”

Sadly, for Amanda’s Nan, the treatment that can sometimes slow down the symptoms aren’t suitable and give her severe side-effects so that’s an extra kick in the teeth.

So, for the Alzheimer’s Society, having brave, caring, dynamic people like Amanda helping to raise funds, is crucial to their work keeping going, for all our sakes.

This is another line from the website. “Until the day we find a cure, we’re striving to improve the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and all kinds of dementia.”

So I’m asking if you would perhaps make Amanda’s Head Shave a hit and donate to her Just Giving Page which you can find here:

alzeimers logo

If every person who reads this gives just £5 then she would smash through her target and help keep research into the disease going, and also continue to support those who currently suffer along with their families too.

You can also go and support Amanda in person at the event itself. It’s at DT’s pub in Torquay on Sunday 28th October. There will be a Tombola and a Raffle and a Buffet I believe, as well as the main event of the Amanda the Brave’s Head Shave! And as I understand, there is another brave chap who is also going to be shaving his head, and, having a Chest Wax in front of everyone! What’s not to love!

The Food and Tombola etc will be up and running from around lunch time, but the Head Shaves are timed for 4.30pm. Amanda would love to see you there, but if you can’t make it, please consider making a donation, every amount big or small will make a difference.

Thank you to you all from Amanda and her Nan, and Thank YOU Amanda for what you’re about to do x

Carol x x x

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