No news is good news…

(Today’s Author is Lou from MWM Kingsteignton)

It’s nearly a week already since our half term holiday (we had two weeks off – lucky!) and my family and I are now pretty much back into our regular routine. Even the clocks going back hasn’t caused as much upheaval to our body-clocks as I’d been expecting. You know the fear, bed-times and sleep are already sensitive areas for families with small children, the last thing we need is a clock change to just make things that little bit more ‘interesting’ twice a year, huh?! Personally, I don’t see the need for it any more, perhaps in future the clocks will be left alone…I believe they are considering doing away with the change in the EU…but who knows how European decisions are going to affect us here in the UK after Brexit… We are certainly living in a period with many unknowns about what the future will look like.


I’m not in the habit of keeping abreast of the news on a regular basis. A little like Uncle Bulgaria, I am usually behind the times, and I do make a concerted effort to be. I find so much of the news broadcast to be sad, depressing, fear-inducing, violent or simply of no interest to me whatsoever (ie. football, Strictly, all the gossip that goes into a magazine like ‘Hello’ for example). As an adult, I find most news articles affect me in a much more profound way than when I was younger. I am, or certainly feel, powerless to make any change that would reduce the misery and pain that most news articles are full of (I do continue to vote) and thus I become frustrated. The knowledge of whichever awful scenario I’ve heard about stays with me, almost as a physical burden to carry around. I suppose I empathise too much? I shouldn’t expect to be able to change the whole world for the better so instead I choose not to hear about it. I do not watch the news on tv or read about it online. I have not listened to news regularly on the radio for a long time and have even begun to use Facebook a lot less as my feed is often full of articles shared by others that make me feel bad (plastic pollution in our oceans, missing person requests for information, rants over the politics of the day), instead I have chosen to live like an ostrich. I bury my face in the sand as, frankly, my life is already full up with mini-crises that are part of family life with small children, many of which I am empowered to aid or make a change for the better and my family benefit from having a Mummy that focuses on the real, every day, trivial yet hugely important things that we deal with together.

I am often pleasantly surprised at the news items that do filter through to me from time to time and if there is an topic I am keen to learn about, I have the internet at my fingers and the power to research those things that are of interest to me.


Modern technology is a marvellous thing isn’t it? My two are just beginning to get to grips with their latest gadgets – tablet computers; purchased originally to aid our foreign travel and ease airport/flight boredom, these have swiftly become firm favourites! They are a boon to me, a source of endless (well, not quite endless since they do turn off once the daily time limit has been reached) enjoyment and entertainment to my little ones and another bargaining tool to aid to my arsenal!

My children’s generation is truly an era of technology and I’d be doing them a disservice by keeping them away from it, it is a tool for learning at school and at home, used throughout the modern workplace to a greater and greater extent, for enjoyment; as with anything, moderation is key.


This weekend, on Remembrance Sunday, we honour and pay respect to those individuals who sacrificed so much in order that we can live our lives in peace. The technological advances made in the years since they endured such trials in the name of freedom would have been unimaginable to many. We have come so far. Just what will the future hold? A very exciting yet daunting prospect… My daughter commented the other day about war and battles, ‘it’s just not polite Mummy’. How true. She is three and does not share her brother’s love of all things gun-shaped. It never ceases to amaze me how true to the gender stereotypes my children are at times. Their futures are being shaped by the political decisions made today, who knows what position Britain will be left in post Brexit… I’m just aiming to help them to develop into individuals who can play a full and meaningful part in it, without being burdened by the things they are unable to change but to have the courage to be brave and take a stand when their actions count. With Wombles as our role models to begin with, they are very ecologically conscious after all. 😊 Never a bad thing.

The Wombles

Lou x x x

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