Germs, Germs Go Away…

(Today’s Author is Carol from MWM Paignton)

I’ve had a frustrating week! It started last weekend with a cold, not anything to write home about to begin with, but by Monday morning it was a full blown snotty affair with sneezing, chills, coughs, very bunged up etc and so I had to cancel all my music classes for Monday. I hate having to do that – I hate the fact that I have to wait till the actual day to see how I am before I can let all of you know that there will be no music on that day, I hate letting people down at such short notice, I miss seeing all the children who I know look forward to coming, and of course, being self-employed, it’s an expensive business when you’re poorly and can’t work, but we can’t help being ill sometimes.

After a couple of days staying in and going through several boxes of tissues and Sudafed tablets, by Wednesday I was feeling much better and I was pleased that I seemed to have shaken off the bug quickly so feeling fine on Thursday off to Goodrington I went and we had a great morning there.  Lots of Christmas Jumpers had started to be worn and our Pudding Stirring was great fun. I was also starting a new session in the afternoon at Goodrington and Thursday was our first session as a new group. It’s a class of quite little ones, most of them haven’t been before and the whole routine was completely new to them, so not everything went to plan (!?!) but all in all, I think everyone had a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing them all again this week.


So, all was fine on Thursday afternoon and I went home, did a few things, got the dinner on the go, and then Mark came home from work about 7pm and I opened my mouth to say hello (after being at home alone and so not talking to anyone), and only a squeak came out!  My damn voice had decided to vanish!  Completely took me by surprise as I was feeling fine, no sore throat, it just had packed its bags and gone!  A lost voice for a music and singing teacher is a bit of a bummer to say the least.  So I had to hope that by the morning it would have settled down again and returned, but sadly not, and as well as no voice, my cold also decided to reappear with a vengeance and by Friday morning I was blowing my nose like there was no tomorrow – it really makes you wonder how your body makes all this yucky stuff, it was certainly working at full pelt on Friday! So back on the phone Friday morning 8am having to cancel my classes yet again.

It’s Sunday morning now and I’m feeling fine again now, except still not much voice so am keeping fingers and toes crossed for a turnaround in that regard by tomorrow….


The Germs though, really do seem to have suddenly taken hold again.  Mark has caught the cold off me, so he’s not best pleased, but we’re strong, healthy adults so will be better soon.  But I have heard already of two children who come to music classes ending up in hospital this week with chest infections, and a vomiting bug that has spread from a 2 year old little girl, to her mum, and in turn then to nanny and grandma, so that will have been awful for them.  I’ve heard of Chicken Pox starting up again, Hand Foot and Mouth (that’s always on the loose that one!), and many people who when I’ve had to text to cancel classes, have said, ‘yes, we’re poorly too with a cold so wasn’t coming today anyway.’

Most worrying I have also heard, not a family who comes to class but someone we know, their two week old twin granddaughters have both ended up in hospital, one had to be rushed to Bristol and the other is in Torbay.  I think it’s the vicious chest infection that tiny ones get called Bronchiolitis.  I expect some of your children have had that when they were tiny – I know my Great Niece Isabella was in hospital with it when she was only a few weeks old.  Such a dreadfully worrying time when your child is in hospital, especially when they’re so, so tiny and vulnerable.

So, Winter is knocking on the door….


The weather forecast I’ve seen this morning is predicting, yet again, that the Beast from the East is set to return this week.  They keep saying that, but then the weather suddenly turns really warm and we’ve all been enjoying a fabulously mild, mostly dry, and extremely colourful Autumn with the stunning foliage all around us this last month.

However, looking out of my front room window now, the tree that is outside our house, that only a few days ago was the most gorgeous golden yellow shimmering in the sunlight, is now completely bare and it suddenly all looks more wintery now.  So maybe the Beast is on its way after all.


Not that I’m looking forward to snow and freezing temperatures, not at all, but if it does help to maybe stop some of these persistent bugs in their tracks and allow us all to get on with our lives without someone being poorly, then I’m all for it.  And anyone who isn’t well right now reading this, or looking after a sick child this weekend, I sympathise, and I wish  you all a very speedy recovery.

So, Germs Germs Go Away, and Don’t Come Back Another Day!

Hopefully see you Monday…

Carol x x x

This might be an opportune time to politely remind all of you of the guidelines I ask you to follow with regards to illness and when I suggest you stay home all warm and cosy.


Please do not attend class if you or your child has:

A high temperature – is usually a sign of infection and your child probably needs to rest anyway

Sickness or diarrhoea – please be free from any symptoms for 48 hours before attending class

An unidentified rash – if it’s been checked by a doctor and it’s non-contagious that’s fine

Constant coughing/sneezing – unless you know it’s caused by allergies/hay fever symptoms

Thick green/yellow discharge coming from nose – but a clear runny nose in an otherwise healthy child is fine, every child seems to have that permanently!

Chicken Pox/Slapped Cheek/Hand Foot & Mouth/ Conjunctivitis/Impetigo/Scarlet Fever – if your child has been diagnosed with any of these, please let me know so I can inform others in your group, and follow your doctor’s advice on when it is appropriate to start going to groups again

Thank you x


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