Thoughts for 2019…

(Today’s Author is Lou from MWM Kingsteignton)

I hope you are reading this having enjoyed a peaceful and fun-filled Christmas with the minimal of stress and many opportunities for #makingmemories, hopefully all positive ones!

The start of a New Year can feel like an exciting time; just think of all that potential, that opportunity that is laid out ready for the taking! In reality it’s just the dawning of another day, no more significant really than any other in the 365 that make up the year. So why do we place so much emphasis on it? It certainly can be a good time to reflect and also to plan. How have things gone for us? What would we change if we could? How can we make things better or steer our ship in a more favourable direction? As I get older, I am inclined to agree with my dear husband who believes that a year isn’t really a good unit of measuring time in your adult life. Perfect for recognising those milestones in childhood but not long enough for the longer, grown-up life phases.

Seasons come round all the more quickly and weeks seem to fly past… gone are the days when the six week school summer holidays would feel like they stretched well beyond my frame of time reference. It’s a peculiar feeling, due in part I suppose to the increasing level of busyness especially parents learn to adjust to whilst juggling work and family life. I am a habitual list writer and do so mostly to unburden myself from the mental pressures of having many important yet also often mundane tasks to remember. I take immense satisfaction from the ticking off of said lists, the action becoming a clear means of detailing all those little things I’ve managed to achieve.

new year 4

Life as a working Mum is certainly a busy one, no doubt about that, and I’m lucky enough to have no commute as part of my routine, working from home in all three of my “jobs” (as a childminder, a Music with Mummy teacher and as a Mummy). There frequently is very little time or energy left for me and sadly I feel that also goes for my dear husband too. I’m not one to make resolutions at New Year’s but one I am determined to make this year is to ensure more time is made for us two, the two adults in our beautiful family. We are the bedrock of strength that allows our children to continue to strive and we must ensure that we take every opportunity to make that foundation healthy, happy and strong so our family, and us as individuals, may thrive.

It isn’t an easy task supporting a family for either part of the partnership, not helped by the fact that many women may feel they have been sold the impossible dream of having both a successful work and family life, and feeling fulfilled in both. Sound familiar? Well, you might like to read this article then:

But it isn’t just mothers who are caught in this vicious cycle.  I read a very saddening article in the Times newspaper online recently concerned with the poor mental health of Fathers –

new year 5One extract from these certainly struck a chord:
“modern working life doesn’t combine very well at all with having a family.”  How true. We are all stretched thinly attempting to fulfil those expectations society places upon us. It often feels exhausting. And that goes the same for Fathers as well as Mothers.

So, back to New Year and making a change, my resolution this year is to ensure I make time for me and my husband, that I do not do too much, that I attempt to incorporate more exercise into my routine but don’t bust a gut “getting those steps in” at the expense of my mental health, a mistake I have made in the past.

new year 3

As my children grow, there will be a time where I gain back more me time quite naturally as they need me less, or in a different way to now. My biggest resolution is to be patient. Enjoy each phase as it comes and not to be in a rush to achieve any goal. Let it come peacefully, in time, when the time is right.

And on that note, I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

Lou x x x


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