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It’s Carol’s turn here today. There have been quite a few photos taken by some of the grown-ups this last couple of weeks during our sessions which has meant that I have actually been in the photos for a change. Normally I’m the one taking the photos of the children and so seeing me in the pictures is quite unusual! Something that has stood out for me is seeing how happy I look. I know I am happy and have a whale of a time with you and your little ones, but it has been nice to actually see something of what you see from the other side of the room. The children are so engaged, and I am thrilled to see that captured in some of your photos. Thank you to those who have taken the time to take and share them with me.

When I started running Music with Mummy classes in Torbay back in 2007, I had been working in Early Years Education for about 7 years, and prior to that had been full time mum for 5 years, but before that, working in IT within the Local Authority for 9 years. I couldn’t face going back to IT once my first child had been born; I didn’t want to return to fixing people’s computers and training people how to use the latest software, it was all so meaningless, to me anyway. So I retrained in childcare and was able to also be a full time mum alongside my studies. But music has always been my passion, and so finally, through MWM I was able to find a way to combine doing what I love with actually making a difference to little people’s lives and also contribute financially to my family.  And actually, I’ve realised that this is the longest I’ve ever been in the same job so it must have been a good move!

But it got me thinking about what a creative bunch most of you are who come to class! I know that you all enjoy music and singing, some of you perhaps come because you know it’s good for your child’s development, some of you come because you also personally love singing and being part of a musical group, some of you go to as many different styles of baby/toddler classes that you can to give your child the broadest experience, and some of you, because of busy lives, may only attend one class a week and have chosen music to be your preference. All of above reasons I am grateful for that you come and join in each week.

However, the more I get to know about some of you, the more I realise how absolutely fantastic some of you are in also using your creative passions, whether that be music, dance, art, writing, cooking, photography, teaching, or pure creative entrepreneurship, turning it into a job, and making it something that helps to pay the bills in your household. And so I just wanted to share a few of them with you!

follow your passion 2

Some of these are families who currently come to class, and some are of previous families who I still keep in touch with and love seeing what they do. But all of them have used their passions and talents and followed their hearts to help provide for their families and in turn, feed their own passions. Please click on the links below to see if what they do is something you’re interested in, or maybe they will inspire you to look at turning your own talent into a job too!

Nikita – Story Sense  –  ‘Making stories come alive for babies and toddlers through sensory activities that engage and excite.’

Nicola – Little Scribbles  –  ‘I make wax crayons of various shapes and colours. These fun crayons make the perfect gift, party bag filler or childs wedding favour!’

Louise – Music with Mummy Kingsteignton  –  ‘Music for toddlers and preschoolers’

Julie – Author/Writer – ‘Author of the Cornubian and freelance writer from Marldon’

Jane – iLearnTuition  –  ’11+ tuition for grammar school entrance tests.  Tuition for all Key Stages.  GCSE & A Level Tuition.’

Lee – Aurora Mavi  –  ‘Beautiful and unique handmade gifts created with love, to be cherished and adored forever’

Nathaniel – House Portraits by NM  –  ‘I create unique, personalised portraits of houses and other special places, that can include any wording of your choice. Portraits are hand drawn and then brought to life using watercolour.’

Charlotte – Music with Mummy Torquay  –  ‘Music for babies and toddlers’

El – Make n Bake  –  ‘Fun baking and crafting group in South Devon for children age 18 months to 4 years and their grown ups’

Kate – Moonstone Hare – ‘We are an independent gift and interiors shop in Totnes.’

I know there will be more of you, I have tried to include the ones I could think of off the top of my head, but please feel free to add yourself to the comments and give yourself a big high five for following your heart and turning your passions into a way to help feed your family as well as your soul!find-your-passion.jpg

So if you’re wondering what your next step is in your life, maybe look to your personal creative passions and see where they take you…

Carol x x x

1 thought on “Follow your passion…”

  1. Great to hear your background and to see how your passion developed.
    Thank you for mentioning my business. Like you , I love what I do and am passionate about enabling the next generation to fulfill their potential.

    Liked by 1 person

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