Make your own Incy Wincy Spider…

Hi everyone! It’s Lou here this week, and since we’ve had so much enjoyment out of our Incy spider puppets this term as we sing about the rain at Music with Mummy Kingsteignton, I’ve been requested to outline a set of basic instructions for how to make your own, so the fun and enjoyment can continue at home, once classes are done for the day.

The basic components I used are as follows:-

Black felt – cut into circles approximately 10cm in diameter

Very fine lengths of black elastic about 50cm in length

Black/wiggly/sparkly ribbon for legs – cut to 20cm lengths

Black thread for sewing them together

White thread for adding the faces

How to assemble them:-

  1. Lay out your black felt and use a round object as a template to cut out your spider body – the bottom of a mug is an ideal size, I used the spool my ribbon can on, why not make a variety of different sizes to create a slide family!
  2. Next we create the legs – I used four lengths of ribbon for each spider, laid out underneath each circle body and attached by black thread. You could just as easily use straight lengths of black felt for legs and attach with bonda-web for quickness.
  3. For the faces I used white cross-stitch thread to create little eyes and a mouth but I’m sure you could purchase readymade eyes if sewing isn’t your thing. Just ensure these are firmly attached.
  4. Each spider now needs their elastic ‘thread’ simply attached in the centre of each circular body and with a holding loop tied at the other end.

I’d love to see pictures of your creations so why not share a photo of your spiders on Facebook or better still bring them in to class!

Happy Crafting!

Lou x x x

PS.  Here’s Mr Tumble singing Incy Wincy for you!


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