Stop, Look & Listen…

It’s Charlotte here this week. When I’m planning my sessions, one of my favourite parts is choosing the ‘listening music’. That’s the place in the session where we rest our voices and minds and take a few moments to enjoy music related to the theme of the session or, for Jolly Babies, a time to relax and enjoy some special time with the little ones.

Deciding what it’s going to be can be a voyage of discovery, listening to new songs or even listening to types of music that I haven’t explored. It can also be a journey through old familiars and favourites with memories of times and places that haven’t been visited for a while. Searching through the genres to find the find the perfect tune for each session is fun and challenging. It sometimes takes me ages, searching for songs that relate to certain aspects of the theme or capture a certain mood or I sometimes immediately know what to put on my playlist for that week.


I have discovered new tracks that have become favourites with the whole family and have managed to find ways of including tracks that we already love and deserve to be played again and again. It’s nice to find new versions of old songs and covers in different styles from the originals but it’s sometimes best to enjoy the original itself.

I usually have to listen to the same stories and music in the car when I’m with my children (it was just the Frozen soundtrack on repeat for a good year). On the occasions that I’m allowed to listen to the radio and I hear something I like, I make a note of it on my phone, so I can look it up later.


As a child of the ‘80s, I often spent Sunday afternoons with my radio and cassette player, waiting for my favourite songs to be played on the chart show on Radio 1 so that I could record them and make my own mix tapes. Now with streaming services, music is so much more accessible and it’s easy to create and amend playlists for any mood or occasion.


The sessions are a great place to hear something you haven’t heard before, whether it’s old or new, and to hear or rediscover old favourites but why let it stop there. Music is everywhere so take a few moments each week at home to listen to something new, you may decide you don’t like that track, or even genre, but at least you’ll have heard it to know and you may discover a track you love.


There is a challenge to families, that started this year, to spend 150 hours outside. People have been logging their hours by sticking a leaf on a picture of a tree for each one. Why not try it with music…every time you take time to listen to something new, colour in a musical note on a score sheet and see if you can listen to 150 tracks you haven’t heard before, old or new, by the end of 2019. Take a moment to stop, look for a track you haven’t heard before and listen to it. You may just find something you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Charlotte x x x


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