Simple things given with love…

It’s the last day of March, the clocks have sprung forward, and it’s Mother’s Day. How have you spent yours? I hope you’ve all been treated with extra special thanks and appreciation today whether it’s your first Mother’s Day or whether you’ve had many Mother’s Days, hopefully you’ve done something nice today.

I’m not a big gesture kind of a person, I was just happy to have my youngest son (21 soon) at home for the weekend and to be able to go out for lunch to a garden centre with him and my better half.  A tuna jacket potato for me, I am very easily pleased! I spoke to my eldest son (who lives in Bournemouth with his girlfriend) on the phone this morning and he sent a beautiful card with some lovely words inside – I was very touched. They are both thoughtful boys, men should I say, and I’ve been very blessed to have them both.  Even though the teenage years with my youngest have been very challenging in lots of ways, he’s finding his feet now too and it’s a pleasure (and relief ) to see.

My boys, in a pub, naturally!

Now it’s 5pm and son and husband are watching the footie on tv, one sofa each, and I’m here getting work ready for our last week of term, and tapping out a few words for you whilst I ponder on Mother’s Days gone by.

When I was little, I used to go to Sunday School at the Salvation Army, and every Mother’s Day we were given a small bunch of daffodils to take home for our mums to show our appreciation for everything our mums do for us. Simple things given with love and meaning are of much more value than grand gestures and expensive gifts.


I remember where I grew up in Paignton, there was a churchyard down the road, and I used to play in there with a friend who lived nearby, and I remember picking wild primroses and bluebells, tying them with a long grass or something else you could find, and presenting them to mum when I got home.  She would put them in this tiny little glass crystal vase that I seem to remember.  She was always appreciative of them and it made me happy that it made her smile. I think this would be when I was about 8 or 9 I guess; kids played out on their own for hours in the 70’s, no phones, no way of contacting them. Parents must just have trusted (and hoped…) that they would be ok and they’d be back when they’re hungry.  Most of the time I got back ok, I do remember getting lost once and getting home late for which I got a right rollocking for! Life is very different now.


Fast forward to today, whilst I have had a nice day, the humdrum necessities still have to be attended to. So I’ve done some washing, some cleaning of floors and bathrooms, and will no doubt end up cooking dinner later. Mind you, I do have a bottle of something bubbly in the fridge for later too, so I’ll raise a glass to my mum and all of you mums and grandmas out there doing a fabulous job every day just by being you.  And here’s to many more Mother’s Days to come.

Carol x x x


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