Q: What makes Music with Mummy classes different?
A: Our classes are different to some other music groups that you may have heard about because of our carefully structured two-yearly cycle of themes that have been chosen to be engaging and particularly relevant to our very young pupils, and which is also one of the reasons that discerning parents often choose our programme and style of class for their children. We teach the children about simple musical concepts by moving our bodies, and through making and listening to music, and fostering a thoughtful yet fun attitude towards all different types of musical styles. In addition, our carefully planned class structure benefits all children by encouraging listening and concentration, helping them learn about waiting, sharing and taking turns, tidying up and also working and playing together as part of a team.

Q: How many children are in the classes?
A: We keep our classes deliberately small with a maximum of 10 in all groups to enable even the shyest and quietest of children to have their turn without fear of being overlooked or missing out, and we take the time to help develop your child’s confidence and find their inner voice through our fun and lively musical activities. And if your child is already brimming with confidence and enthusiasm, they will definitely enjoy all the action songs, musical instruments, and jumping around that we do!

Q: How long do the sessions last?
A: The music part of the session is about 40 minutes for JB/MWM but I always say to parents to give yourself an hour as there is also time for you to arrive and settle down and have a quick chat with everyone before and after the class so that you do not feel rushed. Our sessions are meant to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone, children and adults alike, so please feel at your ease whilst at class – we’re all parents and understand what it’s like!

Q: Can Daddy bring my child instead?
A: And something that is often asked, is whether Daddy can come too?
OF COURSE! Daddies are always welcome, as are Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, and Childminders and Nannies. Our music classes welcome everyone who wants to come!

Q: How much do the classes cost?
A: Classes cost just £4.50 per session for Jolly Babies and Music with Mummy with reductions for twins/siblings.
We aim to keep our class fees affordable for parents with discounts available for twins and siblings. Classes are booked half-termly in advance but there are no hidden registration fees or any added costs or anything that you will be asked to buy extra. And if you are unable to attend your class one week for any reason, you are welcome to join in another session during the same half term to make up for the missed class. Please do not be afraid to ask for a catch up class during the half term – we would much rather you do that than your child miss out on their musical opportunities!

Q: How do I join a group?
A: If you would like to join in the fun, click on ‘Find a Class‘ to see the class timetable for one that suits you and contact us to reserve your place. Although places are booked half termly, you may start part way through a term if places are available and, of course, you will only pay for your place from the date you start classes.