Jolly Babies

Jolly Babies classes are for little ones aged from about 12 weeks, although sometimes they start a little earlier when the mums and dads are keen to get out and start a new class with their baby and meet new friends.

We provide you and your baby with a gentle music and movement session, in small friendly groups, where the focus is on introducing your babies to new sounds and experiences with the security of having you holding them close and helping them discover the joy of music and rhythm.

During the sessions we sing some old familiar nursery rhymes, but you will also get to learn a whole host of new songs that have been especially composed to sing with very young babies.

We also introduce different sensory experiences using scarves, balls, puppets, lights, bubbles, a range of percussion instruments selected for tiny hands and sensitive ears, and a more lively movement section where we help develop strength and co-ordination of the babies’ muscles supported by you through your own movement.

All in all, it’s a very Jolly Time, hence the name Jolly Babies!

  • Sessions are booked half termly and are £27 for a typical 6 week half term block.
  • You may start part way through a term if there is a space and only pay for the remaining weeks.
  • There are discounts for twins so please ask your class leader for details.

To Find a Class near You Click Here and contact the class leader for your preferred venue/day to book your place.

Enjoy a selection of our photos below!